Highly Qualified Sales Leads from Discover CRM 

Visitors to Discover CRM with buying intent are available as qualified sales leads on Prospect Path, the sales lead and opportunity intelligence platform for CRM software vendors.

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Acquire more CRM leads

Pay per lead to fill your pipeline with live selection projects matched to your targeting.

Close CRM leads faster

Send leads straight to your reps with detailed project information from telephone qualification.

Match CRM leads to demand

Flexible budgeting and Close Match leads allow you to meet demand with no contract.

Built for marketing, sales and demand gen

Stay in control with pay-per-lead pricing and no commitment

Save time on outbound activity with guaranteed selection projects

Fill your funnel with leads matched to your customer targeting

Filling lead pipelines since 2012...

100% Match

Mary Philips 

Core Helix Inc.




Job Title

Sales Manager 

Number of users


Industry Category 



B2C sales

Reasons for Purchase

Increase efficiency

Required Features

Cadence management

21 total data points

All the data you need

Prospect Path leads from Discover CRM come with detailed call notes and a wealth of useful information about the prospect, company and CRM selection project.

Company information including industry category and application

Project information including user numbers and timeframe

Prospect information including contact preferences and job title

The only lead platform integrated with Discover CRM

Requirements including key features and use cases